:: January Color Crush Capsule & My 2018 Challenge ::

This January, my color crush includes the family of winter blues. Today, I rounded up my favorite picks in every shade and hue and which I’ve added to my own closet.

Happy 2018 babes!

I hope that you found rest this vacation, whether it be for your mind, soul or body. This holiday, I had no choice but to rest after catching a case of the flu. Fortunately, I was able to be home with my family and while I was laying in bed I had a lot of time to think about this upcoming year. To be honest, 2017 was a good year. I was able to see my family six different times, was given an award by the Massachusetts Teacher Association, began a master’s program, and celebrated my two year anniversary with the beau. Last year, however, was also difficult. I felt more anxious than I have in my entire life, and I cried – a lot. I perseverated on the process and often failed to produce. Subsequently, I felt inadequate at most everything – teaching, graduate school, even the blog.

New Year, New Approach

In 2018, I want do a better job at overcoming those feelings when they creep up on me, so instead of choosing New Year’s resolutions that I have little plans of adhering to, I’m following the lead of fellow blogger and new friend Josie of Hello Silhouette. I’m choosing five action words to define 2018, that I can focus on on when inadequacy creeps up and double as a list of qualities I want improve on before the year’s end. At the end of every day, I want to ask myself these questions and answer each with a resounding yes. Did you read a Bible verse or passage today? Did you practice an act of self-care today? Did you prioritize and complete at least one task today? Did you create today? Did you communicate with your loved ones today?

Ultimately, I want to be a person of action in the new year and look forward to keeping y’all up to date, as the month progresses. Impending midterms and a new semester of grad school will soon test my new approach. Today, I’m tackling the last of these – creating – in my first blog post of the year!


If you’re new around here, a color crush is two to four colors (excluding neutrals) that I wear all month long. This year, my love of color play is turning into a full blown science that I’ll share with you routinely. Here’s why. (1) A color crush capsule eases planning. Think easier mornings – aka longer sleeps – and never clashing with your mani-pedi ever again. (2) A color crush capsule tames my inner shopaholic. I tend to buy all month, and consequently all year long without giving serious thought to how much I spent. To create a capsule, I sort through what I own and set a maximum purchasing amount for the month. Full disclosure: I’m still experimenting with my cap. (3) A color crush capsule pushes me beyond my wardrobe comfort zone. Colors have a profound impact on my mood. Challenging myself to diversify has been both fun and helpful.

Winter Blues

Going forward, I will share a new palette on the first Sunday of each month. For January, I’m loving all shades of blue. In the winter, blue stands out against the chilly Boston January landscape, pairs well with warmer pops of color such as red and orange, and is one of the few colors I like alongside silver. Below is a roundup of pieces in my three favorite winter blues: sky, cobalt, and navy.

Sky Blue

Cobalt Blue

Navy Blue

I’ll be mixing and matching pieces from my capsule all month and as a bonus – Josie will be sharing this color crush too! Given Josie lives in Pheonix, her looks will be suited for desert climate as opposed to mine, which we’ll be fit for an arctic princess. Mouse over and follow us at@hellosilhouette and @krystyajay or simply follow the hashtag #colorcrushcapsule to see how we style our winter blues all month long! In addition, we’ll be pinning even more color crush capsule inspiration to our joint Pinterest board!

As always thanks for reading!

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