Sweet on Suede: Lace Up Skirt & OTK Boots

Sweet on Suede: Lace Up Skirt & OTK Boots


Am I the only one who associates certain textures with specific seasons? I find that when I think of autumn, pumpkins, Chai tea lattes, Thanksgiving, pretty leaves (I’m missing ours already!) and suede are some of the first thoughts that comes to mind. If you’re on a budget, however, you may find that adding iconic suede separates to your wardrobe just isn’t in the stars for you at this time. Many good quality suede pieces are an investment and up-keep requires even more money (dry cleaning prices are no joke). Faux suede is a fantastic way to slash the price tag without sacrificing the look, as evidenced by these OTK boots, lace-up skirt, and rose gold accented jacket (if I do say so myself). I’ve been drooling over anything and everything emerald green these days, and this jacket is no exception. I love the metal accents, it’s lightweight, great for layering, and versatile. You can see it styled with a dress here. I snagged it at the beginning of the season but it’s still available in two other colors and in all sizes! Bonus: You can get both the boots and jacket for 30% through Thursday! I’m mini skirt aficionado and the lacing detail on this one was too good to pass up. I also love the way the laces compliment those on the boots. I’ve been on a bodysuit kick these days too – I mean you can’t go wrong with a shirt that basically tucks itself in, am I right? – and I have no regrets about this inexpensive ribbed mock neck. If you’re looking to spice it up a bit, I also love the open back detail on this one and the bell sleeves on this one. Sweet on suede? Me too. Shop these pieces and more below! As always thanks for reading!










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Mock Neck Bodysuit {Similar Here} ♥ Faux Suede Skirt {Similar Here} ::

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Jessica Simpson OTK Boots ♥ Wildflower Jacket ♥ Handbag {Similar Here} ♥ Watch {Old – Similar Here} ♥ Sunnies {Ann Taylor Factory Store} ♥ Express Hat {Similar Here} ::

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Milani Matte Lip Creme {Amore} ::

:: Velvet Vixen: Halloween Inspired in OTK Lace-Ups ::

:: Velvet Vixen: Halloween Inspired in OTK Lace-Ups ::


Hey all,

I’m about to drop a truth nugget that many of you are not going to like. Halloween is my least favorite holiday.

(Pauses and cringes for raucous protests.)

As my father didn’t feel safe taking his wife and two young daughters out at night to knock on strangers’ doors – understandable in the mid to late-90s – my family didn’t celebrate Halloween often in my early childhood. In fact, I’ve been trick-or-treating all of three times in my whole life – the third was with my goddaughter-turned-superhero last year. I also despise most Halloween candy, seeing as the majority of it is chocolate. Yuck!

(Pauses and cringes for second round of raucous protests.)

When I was little we kept Skittles and Starbursts and Red Vines in the house, instead, and a large bin of costumes that we donned any time of the year that we felt like being fairies, or princesses, or Pocahontas, or pilgrims (yes, I did say pilgrims). When we moved to California, my sister’s elementary school held an annual fall festival on Halloween night, fully equipped with food, friends, and a bomb rock wall. As I got taller, I noticed costumes for women were increasingly smaller and in college, the number of culturally insensitive ones was unfortunately high.

This year, for the first time in a long time, I have been pleasantly impressed by the number of looks I’ve seen that were both original and creative. This little girl dressed as Beyoncé, these Audrey Hepburn looks, and these Disney-themed DIY’s take the cake. I was even inspired to put together my own holiday look! Albeit it’s not very creative, but I was looking for a reason to wear this BooHoo velvet dress. As you all know, I fall head over heels for all things burgundy and it’s no secret how I feel about bell sleeves. This dress is also the perfect length for styling with over the knee boots, revealing just enough leg for a long, lean look. Add a touch of Milani matte lipstick and voila! You’ve got a vampy look that’s both fashionable and festive. Wishing you a safe and fabulous weekend and as always, thanks for reading!









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BooHoo Dress {Also Love This OTS} ::

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Jessica Simpson OTK Boots ♠ Lulu’s Handbag {Old – Similar Here} ♠ Hat {Similar Here} ::

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Milani Matte Lipstick {Matte Fearless} ::