:: Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fitness Novice ::

Today, I’m excited to present my first holiday gift guide of the season: gift ideas for the fitness novice.

Happy Sunday darlings!

Now, I already know some of you may be thinking. “Girl, I have it on good authority that you haven’t seen the inside of the gym in a smooth couple of months.” Admittedly, I have an affinity for avoiding strenuous physical activity, and honestly, if it wasn’t a Sunday I would deny that claim until the cows came home. I use to, however, be an avid runner.

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Then, I didn’t truly appreciate the gift that is good physical health. As I age though, I gain a deeper gratitude for what my body does for me. I also recognize its fragility. More and more, I realize I must, once again, re-prioritize healthy habits. I know quite often folks like myself get by with a little help from our friends. This holiday gift guide is for the girlfriend who may need encouragement in the form of rose gold sneakers to get into the swing of things.


Even in the gym, the old adage holds true: If you look good, you feel good. Get your new workout buddy a tee that tells everyone how she truly feels about accompanying you to the gym. Make her look like a CrossFit expert in this legging & sports top co-ord. Velvet slides are perfect for strutting out of cycling in style.


Equally important as the right gear, is gym accessories & toiletries. This holiday, gift your budding fitness-loving bestie with a gym bag that is as underwhelmed as she may be after her first post-holiday workout. Fill it with a yoga mat with an encouraging message, a sassy water bottle, and the best wipes for slicking away sweat & kicking workout funk. Seriously, I swear by these underarm wipesWant to ball on a budget? Check out this surprisingly affordable activity tracker and bluetooth headphones.


We all know that healthy habits include both exercise and good eating. See what I did there? The fitness novice will appreciate any gift that guides her in choosing the right fuel to power up her body.

So y’all how did you feel about this holiday gift guide? I love making them and truly want you to find them helpful. Mouse over to this Twitter poll to vote about which holiday gift guide I should post next!


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