:: Summer 2017: Little White Dress ::

:: Similar Dress/Tote/Earrings/Sunnies/Similar Shoes ::

An Ode to Summer

Days fuse, like streams into rivers.

Batteries fade; indefinitely, clock hands quiver.

A dusty calendar reads one month past,

and each afternoon feels longer than the last.

Though I know summer will meet its eventual demise,

The end of this season always takes me by surprise. Read More

:: Summer 2017: The Best of Independence Day Weekend Sales ::

dress. similar hat. similar sandals. bag. earrings. similar sunnies.

Happy Sunday loves!

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of long weekends are the SALES! I’ve been shopping non-stop this weekend, adding to my cart (then deleting from my cart because summer teacher no paycheck life), and hopping in and out of stores at not one – but two! – local malls. The deals are just too good not to at least take a peek, and I rounded up the best ones from my favorite stores and my picks from each. Read More