:: Holiday 2016: A Velvet Gift Guide for Girlfriends ::

:: Holiday 2016: A Velvet Gift Guide for Girlfriends ::


There’s no doubt that velvet is one of the hottest trends to make a comeback during the Autumn/Winter ’16 season. If you’re anything like me and my girlfriends, ya’ll too have been basking in childhood nostalgia and hopefully, you’ll find this (mostly under $100) gift guide hits the ole 90’s spot. Shop below to find a velvet goody for every lady in your girl group.

The Boho Babe

Featured: Dress (On Sale – Under $50)// Boots (On Sale – Under $50)// Choker (Under $25)// Hat (Under $75)

The Dainty Darling

Featured: Skirt (Under $75 Dupe Here)// Sandals// Watch (Under $100)// Gloves (Texting Capable! – Under $25)

The Chic Chick

Featured: Coat (Under $100)// Ear Muffs (Under $50)// Heels (Under $100)// Clutch (Under $50)

The Sporty Shorty

Featured: Bomber (Under $75)// Sneakers (Under $50)// Backpack (Under $75)// Baseball Cap (Under $10)

Have a gal pal who immediately comes to mind? Do you see yourself in one (or more) of these styles? My suggestion: share this gift guide with your girlfriends and try a velvet gift exchange on for size this year. Can you say throwback feels?! As always thanks for reading and stay tuned for more gift guides coming your way!


:: Velvet Vixen: Halloween Inspired in OTK Lace-Ups ::

:: Velvet Vixen: Halloween Inspired in OTK Lace-Ups ::


Hey all,

I’m about to drop a truth nugget that many of you are not going to like. Halloween is my least favorite holiday.

(Pauses and cringes for raucous protests.)

As my father didn’t feel safe taking his wife and two young daughters out at night to knock on strangers’ doors – understandable in the mid to late-90s – my family didn’t celebrate Halloween often in my early childhood. In fact, I’ve been trick-or-treating all of three times in my whole life – the third was with my goddaughter-turned-superhero last year. I also despise most Halloween candy, seeing as the majority of it is chocolate. Yuck!

(Pauses and cringes for second round of raucous protests.)

When I was little we kept Skittles and Starbursts and Red Vines in the house, instead, and a large bin of costumes that we donned any time of the year that we felt like being fairies, or princesses, or Pocahontas, or pilgrims (yes, I did say pilgrims). When we moved to California, my sister’s elementary school held an annual fall festival on Halloween night, fully equipped with food, friends, and a bomb rock wall. As I got taller, I noticed costumes for women were increasingly smaller and in college, the number of culturally insensitive ones was unfortunately high.

This year, for the first time in a long time, I have been pleasantly impressed by the number of looks I’ve seen that were both original and creative. This little girl dressed as Beyoncé, these Audrey Hepburn looks, and these Disney-themed DIY’s take the cake. I was even inspired to put together my own holiday look! Albeit it’s not very creative, but I was looking for a reason to wear this BooHoo velvet dress. As you all know, I fall head over heels for all things burgundy and it’s no secret how I feel about bell sleeves. This dress is also the perfect length for styling with over the knee boots, revealing just enough leg for a long, lean look. Add a touch of Milani matte lipstick and voila! You’ve got a vampy look that’s both fashionable and festive. Wishing you a safe and fabulous weekend and as always, thanks for reading!









:: Outfit//

BooHoo Dress {Also Love This OTS} ::

:: Accessories//

Jessica Simpson OTK Boots ♠ Lulu’s Handbag {Old – Similar Here} ♠ Hat {Similar Here} ::

:: Beauty//

Milani Matte Lipstick {Matte Fearless} ::



:: Darling Details: Pom Poms & Polka Dots ::

:: Darling Details: Pom Poms & Polka Dots ::

Hey all!

This post is long overdue – if you follow me on social media you’ll know I’ve been hinting at it since Sunday – but getting students ready for midyear exams has soaked up quite a bit of my time this week. Nonetheless, I am very excited to share this look with you; sun courtesy of San Diego and photos thanks to my ever so patient sister.

Photo Jan 01, 1 58 09 PM

:: Outfit//Sweater {Similar – Available in Black Here} ♥ Skirt {Old – Similar Here **Bonus: This Version Has Pockets!} ::
:: Accessories// Topshop Velvet Pom Ghillies {Similar Here & Here} ♥ Handbag BanglesWatch ♥ Necklace {Similar Here} ::
:: Beauty//Lipstick ::

Photo Jan 01, 2 09 06 PM

Photo Jan 01, 2 08 35 PM

For those of you who don’t know, I migrated to Boston from San Diego about nine years ago and although I love living in New England, I relish any opportunity to escape the frigid winter, even if it’s only for a week. Christmas & New Years’ with family is always refreshing – even in the craziness – and this year the sun provided a chance to shed some bulky layers in favor of some daintier pieces.

Photo Jan 01, 2 02 51 PM

These velvet lace-up flats are to die for. I can’t get enough of the pom poms, which are super on trend right now! I love the little bit of flair they add to any look and I just snagged a matching fuzzy pom keychain (available in 6 colors) for only $10 here. Here they are again, once more paired with some deep wine hues.


:: Outfitt//Sweater Dress {Sold Out – Similar Here} ::
:: Accessories// Topshop Velvet Pom Ghillies {Sold Out – Similar Here & Here} ♥ Handbag ♥ Watch {Sold Out} ::

Photo Jan 01, 2 04 06 PM

This sweater is easily the softest article of clothing I own. I originally purchased this sweater from Nordstrom, but due to its obvious popularity sold out quickly. I’ve found it again on Lulu’s, though they’re currently low in stock.

Photo Jan 01, 2 02 24 PM

Everything about this skirt makes me feel feminine and flirty. I feel as if I fell right out of an Audrey Hepburn movie.


:: Outfit//Sweater {Similar – Available in Black Here} ♥ Skirt {Old – Similar Here **Bonus: This Version Has Pockets!} ::
:: Accessories// Topshop Velvet Pom Ghillies {Similar Here & Here} ♥ Handbag BanglesWatch ♥ Necklace {Similar Here} ::
:: Beauty//Lipstick ::

Thanks for reading!