:: How to Wear a Velvet Midi Skirt ::

Hello Friday!

Is it just me, or has November been a whirlwind of a month? Aside from posting on Instagram, I haven’t had the chance to even remotely think about blogging. Between the end of first quarter, planning meetings at work, and catching up on my graduate school load, I even postponed celebrating my birthday! Although I should probably read or grade right now, I’m thankful to be home in San Diego and for some extra time to indulge with y’all for a bit. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

velvet midi skirt, velvet clutch, Valentino dupes, tassel earrings, wool hat, retro, fall fashion, autumn

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:: 90’s Vibes: Colorblock Sweater & Mustard Boots ::

Happy Humpday cuties!

Today, I bring to you good tidings of great joy: this season’s 90’s revival is complete with colorblock sweaters and they’re still cool as the other side of the pillow. It’s as if Notorious BIG heard Faith Hill’s & Sean Combs’ cries from heaven, and sent down this sweater to comfort them in their time of need. I bet everyone in the factory was humming’ Big Papa while knitting this one. If the weather wasn’t so bad this past weekend, I would have turned up at every block party within a ten mile radius.

colorblock sweater, tassel earrings, 90's vibes, fall fashion

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:: Summer 2017: Little White Dress ::

:: Similar Dress/Tote/Earrings/Sunnies/Similar Shoes ::

An Ode to Summer

Days fuse, like streams into rivers.

Batteries fade; indefinitely, clock hands quiver.

A dusty calendar reads one month past,

and each afternoon feels longer than the last.

Though I know summer will meet its eventual demise,

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