:: 90’s Vibes: Colorblock Sweater & Mustard Boots ::

Happy Humpday cuties!

Today, I bring to you good tidings of great joy: this season’s 90’s revival is complete with colorblock sweaters and they’re still cool as the other side of the pillow. It’s as if Notorious BIG heard Faith Hill’s & Sean Combs’ cries from heaven, and sent down this sweater to comfort them in their time of need. I bet everyone in the factory was humming’ Big Papa while knitting this one. If the weather wasn’t so bad this past weekend, I would have turned up at every block party within a ten mile radius.

colorblock sweater, tassel earrings, 90's vibes, fall fashion

Y’all, Urban Outfitters they done put their foot in it with this one.

They are a number of looks I plan for the blog, but school, weather, and life often impedes my ability to make them all come to fruition. With this look, however, not only did the look just fall together, but the pieces arrived within 48 hours of each other! After a visit to the hair salon on Saturday afternoon, I was ready to stunt.

Colorblock Sweater & Black Denim

I wore this look on Saturday night & Sunday morning and got so many compliments!

This colorblock sweater has fantastic details. The mustard & coral orange – both of which are on trend this season – are immediate attention grabbers. I especially love the cable knit on the white patches. The black provides a striking contrast, making this piece equally as moody as my other favorite fall knits. With dolman sleeves and an overall loose fit, the sweater was perfect for hiding the two large meals I recklessly consumed prior to this shoot. I’ve added this wordy colorblock pullover to my wishlist too.

I purchased these high rise distressed denim jeans for a steal in July. The denim is good quality for the price; it’s thick with some stretch and loosens up the longer you wear it. To extend the color of inexpensive denim, I only use a delicate wash cycle and line dry them. A good pair of black distressed jeans is a must for fall, and even though this particular pair is sold out, they are several similar styles available. I’m particularly partial to this five button pair.

The Accessories

Fun fact: These candy corn colored earrings aren’t earrings at all! They’re actually tiered tassels that I purchased for less than $10 and attached to a pair of fish hooks. Such an inexpensive DIY alternative to more expensive options. They came four in a pack, and there are tons of colors. After you make yourself a pair, gift one to a friend! I also found this super similar pair for under $20!

My belt is an ultra affordable knock-off. I purchased two (one in black and one in coffee) and I’m considering grabbing two more just in case something happens. My top handle shoulder bag was an eBay find from last autumn and is one of my favorite purses.

These mustard heeled boots are to die for. Lately, I’ve been swooning over everything mustard and these shoes were no exception. I’m not generally one for such a thin heel, but as soon as I put them on I knew it was a match made in heaven. (I’d also like to take a moment to give a quick shout out to the customer service at Nasty Gal! They accidentally sent me these boots in the wrong color, and within 24 hours of emailing them, they sent out the right pair free of charge. I received my boots only four days later.)

What do you think loves? Are you feelin’ this autumn’s throwback trend as much as I am?

colorblock sweater, tassel earrings, 90's vibes, fall fashion, street style

colorblock sweater, tassel earrings, 90's vibes, fall fashion  colorblock sweater, tassel earrings, 90's vibes, fall fashion

colorblock sweater, tassel earrings, 90's vibes, fall fashion  colorblock sweater, tassel earrings, 90's vibes, fall fashion



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